Online Classified Marketing Tips to write Ads Better

Online Classified Marketing Tips to write Ads Better

Wikipedia and NAA on Classified Marketing

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others” – Otto von Bismarck

Newspaper Association of America NAA as well as Wikipedia says Newspaper’s revenue from classifieds advertisements is decreasing continually as internet classifieds grow. Here is the report for year 2012 and 2013. This shows that market for online classified is continuously growing year by year and the business opportunities are huge.

Classified marketing or advertising has had its inception in the print media. It has eventually found its way to the internet like all other forms of advertising. There is of advertising. Currently there is a lot of market in advertising online, classified section included. The viewership, the diversity is larger than in print media and the cost is normally lower. Now your business can use the classifieds to sell their product or service. Most of them have a local reach and you will have to post on multiple sites for a broader coverage. The leading classified sites are the likes of Craigslist and Ebay with millions of ads being posted and customers solicited. Multiple postings on various sites will get you the desired viewership. Following simple tips will help your ad fare better.

Easy to follow Classified Marketing Tips:

You have to make your advertisement as attractive as possible. Attractive in terms of language, form, body and so on.

Attention Stealing Title

Choose an attention stealing title, something short and catchy. If your title is bad, not many will lead further. The title is a crucial factor. Having a brief indicator of the use or purpose of your product or service will help. Subtly state the benefit of your product or service.

Short and Comprehensive Body Content

When it comes to the body of the ad, short and comprehensive is the way to go. Start the body by identifying yourself. What exactly do you or your establishment do. Include what your speciality is in the field is. Then differentiate yourself from your competitors describe how the customer’s problems will be solved or how their lives will be better with your product or service. Do not make it too formal, but keep it short with all the essential details. Also repeat the purpose, benefit or advantage stated in the title of your product or service in a descriptive manner.

Read Customer’s Mind and Answer Imaginary Questions

You must answer this imaginary question on the customer’s mind “what’s in it for me”? Do not make all the letters in caps; it gives an illusion of demanding of something. Leave the viewer with means to get more information regarding the product or service. This can be done by leaving a reference to a website, phone number or any other means to get more information.

Be Authentic Avoid Giving Direct Contact to the person in charge

When giving a contact, avoid giving direct contact to the person in charge, especially for larger establishments. Provide contact to the establishment, it gives the impression of a more authentic establishment.

Please Mention Your Website

The website information that you give has to be updated as well, the viewer should know where exactly he should look once he enters your website. Your website should have greater detail and information regarding the product or the service. A proven way of catching attention is the use of images. For a better response, post different ads for the same product or service. This way the viewer will consider or come across the same ad multiple times.

Use correct language and the correct tone

Most importantly, use correct language and the correct tone to the advertisement. An effective way to determine the right tone to be used, is determining your target audience. Set the tone accordingly. If the ad is for college students, keep it peppy and fun. If it is for a older age group, use a more serious albeit attractive tone.

Posting and experimenting with a few ads will surely give you an idea as to what ads work and what don’t. Overall the above lessons must help you get going!