Online Internet Marketing on page SEO Myths and Truths

Online Internet Marketing on page SEO Myths and Truths

SEO has gained an aura and a mystique given its importance to ranking and traffic for websites. It has spawned myths and SEO gurus will tell you about the do’s and do n’ts that keep changing chameleon like to keep pace with what Google decides should be the done thing for websites to be considered favorably by its bots. Some things remain the same and some things change, which is what you should be aware of.

Content is king and long content is not –a myth
SEO experts recommend that content be short and to the point if you want to make a friend of Google and rise in the ranks. This type of sycophancy is not that important because Google looks at the content, information in it and how it all ties together so you can have a page with 2000 words or more and it will be looked upon with a kindly eye. So next time you write SEO content do not hesitate to be lengthy if it means being more informational and helpful to readers. Write in depth and be focused and it will outrank different topics. Size matters and is back in fashion.

Be perfect in keywords
There is a mystique to Gurus of Seo because of their ability to research keywords and supposedly pick precisely the right ones that will work. The SEO practice was and is to include keywords in headlines and in content but search engines have evolved to the point where they interpret meaning. You do not even have to be specific. Anything related like travel and holidays will be linked together by search engines. In fact using variations in choice of related words and items could work in your favor.

User experience matters
Here again thanks to evolved intelligence of search engines the user experience as regards content is gaining in importance and it is not just text; it can be video or image. Content is king and only if it is interesting, original and appealing.

Backlinks are important…in a different way
Search engines still give weightage to back links. However there is a slight shift. If you think 100 backlinks from the same domain is good, well, they are but not quite as good as links from 100 different domains. So, if you are used to posting articles to the same site in order to create lots of backlinks from the same site, think different and your site will rank higher.

Site load speeds matter
SEO experts may not focus a lot on site load speeds because it involves the way a site is architected and it also depends on the hosting. This means paying more attention to this area will help a website rise in ranking if efforts are made to increase load speeds, which Google and other search engines do consider.

Surprise! Unique Images make a difference
An image is worth a thousand words…maybe but a unique image on your website, not found anywhere else on the internet, is worth even more for ranking purpose. Content is king takes on a different meaning with images when you pick unique ones.
The rare and bare truth about SEO is not about rising in rankings but trying to keep targets happy with your site.