Make classified marketing part of Internet marketing for your Business

Make classified marketing part of Internet marketing for your Business

These days, not many of Internet marketers talk about classified ad marketing as if it won’t even matter in terms of overall marketing strategy for a business. When we talk about SEO, DA and search engine rankings of a website or a web page, the importance of a valuable backlink is undeniable. A valuable backlink also means that the backlink page is an authority web page with some valuable content and will definitely provide traffic to the following backlink.

Most of the famous classified websites like Craigslist, OLX have restricted the use to anchor text links as well as text links in ad content section so it seems like they are not in the marketing strategy of online marketing experts. But let us argue with the very basic meaning of marketing. It is to bring customers to the business owners and, I think we all agreed with the fact that these classified websites are able to serve the purpose.

Classified ad marketing brings direct customers and most of the biggest online classified ad websites are free to post ads with some premium packages according to your requirements. The way we present our services and products in an advertisement decides our success. Most often the power of classified websites is been under estimate. But you have to realize in comparison to Social media or content marketing that quality is no one criterion to attract visitors.

Make your classified work for your business. Depending upon your business, either manage it by yourself or appoint a dedicated resource to handle regular classified writing, image editing, and classified posting.

Different classified websites have specific ad posting rules. Make sure to get familiar with ad posting rules, especially for Craigslist, Kijiji, Manta and OLX. Most of all experience will teach you much more.

In classified marketing, there is general sites and category specific sites which only accept ads related to specific area of business or services.

For example, Craigslist although have very strict posting rules and doesn’t allow HTML tags and links but it is the biggest free local general classified site in the world. You will find most of the possible ad posting categories in craigslist.

Whereas, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, Realtor only deals in real estate classified ads!, Autotrader, Yahoo Autos, Cars for sale only deals in Cars sell and purchase.

Simple words, clear description, correct contact address, quality real images and dedicated helpful customer service are some of the core criteria for classified marketing success.

Here are top 10 classified websites in the USA and probably in the world. Learn their particular features and rules which make them stand out and ultimately place them on the top of the list.

Some people say it is difficult to get approved ads on craigslist. Actually, it is not true, write a true ad with quality content, correct location and contact information, no HTML and correct email and ad post verification, there is no reason to get flagged or spam.
Backpage is second largest website after craigslist in the United States. With 3.2 million monthly users, back page is a must to post website in the US. Posting local ad is free, but for multiple cities, it is paid. Site allow you to post adult ads but with clear rules and regulations.

Illegal content whatsoever is prohibited. For realtors private postings are free but in case you are a business owner, it is paid for you. Sale category is mainly dedicated to private sales but all serve in 3 other modes worth mentioning here, one is for Freebies, Swap shop for exchange items and 3rd is stuff wanted.

Do not post more than 25 ads a day, this condition is category specific, applicable to business ads. Similar content, duplicate content is also not acceptable. Do not post offending content you will get blocked from posting.

Offending content, porn products, child abuse, illegal items are prohibited on OLX. Permanent backlinks are also not acceptable.
Ebay classifieds and are separate entities. Ebay classified is a free ad posting service. You can post maximum 25 ads a day, but can’t post same ad with duplicate content twice with same zipcode in more than 4 cities. You can link to product or service pages related to the ad, but link to the main site for promotion is not allowed.

Oodle is also one of the most popular and visited classified websites in the USA. Most of the posting policies are same as other competitors include i.e. no Keyword stuffing, no affiliate link, and adult content are totally prohibited. For commercial rental, they have separate platform Inside ad content email addresses, phone no’s, images with contact address and links are not allowed.