Lowdown on Craigslist Green Ghosting

Lowdown on Craigslist Green Ghosting

Craigslist is free and it has a massive reach. This is one reason it is so popular not only with individuals looking to dispose off their household goods but with regular marketers looking to sell products. Sometimes it so happens that you post an ad but will be surprised to find it is shown as live or green but is not displayed. This is green ghosting and it happens to lots of people because of Craigslist automated anti-spam technologies. Let’s look into craigslist green ghosting in more detail.

Reasons Craigslist green ghosting happens

Craigslist’s mission is to provide a free platform where people can dispose off their household goods, look for such goods, offer services or look for services. It is not a platform for business. The site is hugely popular across the world with millions of users but only a handful of staff to manage operations. This has led to automation on the site to prevent spammers taking undue advantage in the form of anti-spam bots. The automated software judges whether a post on the site has spammy characteristics and if the post meets the parameters, it is green ghosted.

How green ghosting happens

Since craigslist is free people do tend to go overboard in posting their ads because they want to be visible. Craigslist rule is that similar contents must not be reposted within 48 hours of the first post but if a user should do that then the site “green ghosts” the post. The post is “live” but does not appear. The purpose is to prevent people from crowding the site.

Who does green ghosting affect?

Craigslist identifies user accounts and tracks IP addresses from where excessive number of postings originate. If similar posts originate from the same user account or IP address then Craigslist will green ghost all posts relating to that account or IP address. Even if you have multiple user accounts but post from the same IP address then all your posts will be green ghosted.

Workarounds for green ghosting

Once you are on craigslist black list and have been green ghosted it is difficult to unghost your account because Craigslist automated system keeps track of the IP address, user name, company name and the language usage pattern. The best thing to do if you have been green ghosted is to stop posting any further ads from the same address or even from any other address for the time being. If an account has been green ghosted several times then it might be virtually impossible to get off the list.

The simplest workaround to this is to create a new account from a different IP address and use a different language pattern.

Once you have been green ghosted there is no human intervention because of craigslist’s automated system so the best thing is to know about green ghosting and work within parameters. If you want to repost frequently, make sure you post from different IP addresses, modify the language and use separate user accounts as well as take down older posts.